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Fiber optic cables

Optical fibers are currently the most efficient and functional method of data transfer we know. Fiber optic cables are fiberglass cables that are most widely used in telecommunications, but also in cable television, laser technology and even medicine. Fast transmission of internet packets is nowadays not only desirable in enterprises and companies, but also in private homes, and access to optical fibers is becoming easier and easier, which results in their popularization. Fiber optic cables are available in various variants which differ in the number of fibers, their standard and mounting purpose.

Fiber devices

The pigtails available in our store are used to terminate optical fiber bundles with a plug. The plugs are available in several standards, such as E2000/LC/SC, allowing the connector to be adapted to individual needs. In order to connect optical fibers, use multimode and single-mode connectors and adapters. Optical fibers can also be permanently connected with splices. In order to use this method, a fiber optic splicer should be used, which bond the fibers together with an electric arc. In order to split the power of an optical fiber signal from one fiber into two or more, splitters should be used. They are also used to combine an optical signal. The optical input power is usually shared evenly between the two output fibers.

Optical fiber accessories

Our assortment includes numerous accessories that facilitate the assembly and operation of fiber optic links. Among them you can find, among others, splice covers, a welding machine guillotine, remote controls for easy cable pulling and microducts to facilitate the laying of optical fibers in earth installations. It is also worth paying attention to the devices for cleaning optical fiber connectors, also "dry" in the form of a tape made of micro fibers. Fiber optics can also be installed in rack cabinets using patch panels. Distribution boxes of this type provide easy access to fiber optic cables and the organization without having to remove it from the rack.

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