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Xiaomi 70mai

Nowadays, a car video recorder is becoming a necessity. Documenting dangerous situations and recording events that resulted from the fault of other drivers are now evidence in many cases of collisions and accidents. However, a car camera is also useful in many other situations. It is worth investing in an advanced device that will perform in a variety of weather conditions. In our store you will find Xiaomi 70mai - it's an excellent camera at an affordable price. See all its advantages!

70mai cameras

Xiaomi brand is successful in many categories. Currently, it is the 70mai cameras that are the most popular. Their great advantage is that they record in excellent 1080P Full HD quality. This is enough to record every little detail. Another plus of this device is the wide viewing angle, the camera will record not only what is happening in front of the car. It will also capture the sidewalk and roadside, so no detail will be missed. 70mai cameras are also becoming increasingly popular because of the constant protection. They have a sensor that instantly captures and records collisions and important situations. You do not have to be in the car, your car is protected also in the parking lot. You can control the device through an intuitive app on your smartphone. You can download videos to the device thanks to wifi, and also use many additional features of the device. The camera is small, so it will not obstruct your view. And what if you run out of memory? The 70mai camera will overwrite new recordings with the oldest ones you no longer need - it uses loop recording for this purpose.

70mai Video Recorder

The 70mai video recorder has all the functionality you would expect from a car camera. Sony IMOX307 sensor, connecting to an intuitive app, wide camera angle, high quality recordings (even in the dark), and an auto record sensor. You can have all this if you opt for the 70mai Video Recorder in our online store. Order it!

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