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Funsnap Gimbals - stable image at any time

Do you dream about recording professional videos? Or maybe you would like to achieve perfectly sharp images on the go? Regardless of what drives you, you should pay attention to Gimbale Funsnap - a professional stabilizer that will provide you with a perfectly sharp image without any shaking! Gimbal is a modern gadget that is easy to use. It is used to stabilize a sports camera or a phone without straining your arm. A set of motors and counterweights mounted in the device reduces any vibration that may interfere with the image! Whether you're shooting a handheld video blog, a walk through an abandoned building, or a dancing train at your cousin's wedding, you'll be able to record the perfect video without any distractions! What's more, it will also work great for photo shoots. Especially if you choose to shoot at dusk or at night - no more blurry celebrity photos!

Funsnap capture - 3 axis stabilization

Deciding for this equipment, you get one of the best products on the market! Funsnap Capture provides not only fully smooth operation but most of all 3-axis image stabilization! This way, whether you're recording while walking or at a party, every shot will be exceptionally sharp and free of distortion. Thanks to the latest developments, it also offers a number of additional features that will allow you to become a professional cinematographer or photographer in just a few moments! Artificial intelligence built into the stabilizer allows you to create images using spherical panorama - this way you will take amazing shots covering the entire view around the camera - see that beautiful sunset? Share it with everyone! Plus, features like dynamic face and subject tracking and time-lapse shooting let you create professional videos and memorable photo shoots. Become a professional in a few simple steps and see how easy it is!

Funsnap Gimbals - professional equipment for a good price

Wondering if a gimbal is for you? Do you like to record videos with your phone or Go Pro? At the same time you appreciate the quality of the recording? Do you dream of a professional channel on YouTube or Instagram? Do you love recording vlogs or taking night shots? If you answered yes to any of these questions - you already have the answer! You need a gimbal to develop your skills! So choose a professional equipment like Funsnap. What do you gain by choosing this stabilizer? WOW effect, no matter what you do. You will provide your viewers with smooth and fluid shots like in professional movies. You'll ease the strain on your wrists and spine - finally stop stabilizing the camera with your body. Not enough? Buy Funsnap gimbal and find out what else you can gain!

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