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Netis PL7200 | Power Line | AV200, 1x RJ45 100Mb/s
Product code: NETIS PL7200
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Powerline - Netis network transmitters are compact electronic devices allowing for quick expansion of the local network at home or small business. They comply with popular standards, so they can be an additional element in the current installation that does not require access control. The power line standard uses the existing electrical network and allows for operation within a range up to 300 meters, depending on the specifics of the implementation. In a simpler way, it allows not only to connect a new computer or other devices equipped with network cards, monitoring kits, but also installations creating a smart home. Netis Systems company founded in 2000 provides simple, efficient network solutions for home, business and ISP providers. Our offer includes not only Powerline Netis transmitters, but also WiFi routers, switches and signal amplifiers of this brand.

Operation of Netis powerline devices

If you want to quickly replace your wireless network with wired connections in your apartment or small business premises, a network transmitter is a good solution. It is also suitable for existing solutions based on LAN RJ-45, which you would like to expand without running new wires or drilling holes in walls. The Netis AV500 compact powerline adapter, i.e. the PL7500, AV200 PL7200 or any other model, when plugged directly into an outlet, uses the electrical network for data transmission. It can handle all sockets in the same circuit up to 300 meters. The transmitter is connected to the Ethernet cable from a router, switch or CPE, or network cards of a computer or other devices. Depending on the model, the transmitters do not require access control, the transmission is encrypted with a strong AES key. The maximum transmission speed depends on the device. In the HomePlug AV standard, they implement Netis powerline adapters The maximum speed is 600Mbps. The Netis powerline adapter is also compliant with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u Ethernet standards. At least two transmitters are needed for operation, so often there are chosen sets like powerline Netis PL7622 KIT or pl7500 KIT. The second device allows for wiring other network equipment, or is connected to an access WiFi point.

Powerline transmitter kits

By creating an infrastructure based on the HomePlug AV standard there is no need for complicated configuration of transmitters. In the case of PL7622 KIT, i.e. PL7622 set, the user also has a transmitter with built-in 2.4 GHz WiFi transmitter at his disposal. You can choose between different sets, differing in maximum throughput, as well as the number of ETH ports or just the presence of a WiFi network card. The most common are:

  • PL7200 KIT - 2 x Netis AV200 and accessories,
  • PL7500 KIT - 2 x Netis AV500 and accessories,
  • PL7600 KIT - 2 x Netis AV600 and accessories,
  • Powerline Netis PL7622 KIT - PL7600 with single Ethernet connector and PL7622 with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and two Ethernet connectors

Simple and effective network transmitters

Netis network devices providing a fast, functional network are suitable for a variety of applications. Their performance allows them to be used in everyday applications, browsing the network or communicating with loved ones, as well as in online games, downloading data or working remotely. Fast and configuration-free powerline kit Netis PL7622 KIT like other plugplay devices is easy to use and reliable. This type of accessories can be successfully offered even to people with no technical skills. However, in our shop you will find a complete offer of electronics, network devices or accessories that will help you to introduce new technologies in everyday life. Take advantage of the selection of devices from the best manufacturers, get to know our business partner program and do the shopping today! We invite you to contact us and place orders.

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