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Mimosa WiFi accessories

Mimosa is a brand operating since 2012. Since then, it has been gradually gaining more and more recognition in the network solutions market. It creates devices for WiFi network installations using innovative methods to ensure effective network operation. They are used in large enterprises, but also in smaller companies. Mimosa WiFi accessories are not only electronic devices, but also mounting brackets, professional PoE power supplies, numerous client devices and many others. Check our wide offer and choose a set of accessories and equipment from the Mimosa brand.

Mimosa network devices

We require from network devices above all reliability of operation. Whether you use the connection at home or in the company, every downtime and connection problems cause annoyance and hinder your daily work. Therefore, it is worth considering the purchase of solid equipment that will protect us from unpleasantness. Among the best manufacturers is Mimosa, whose devices with multiple functionalities are increasingly common in large companies, medium-sized enterprises, but also in the homes of Poles. Among the most popular products are modular radio devices, which are distinguished by their resistance to interference and can be used for various purposes.

Mimosa IT equipment

Mimosa IT equipment is a device and accessories that are highly valued - they are easy to configure, multi-tasking and have great parameters. In our offer you will find client devices, powerful modular and omnidirectional antennas, radio bridges, outdoor interfaces. Mimosa devices have high resistance to weather conditions, dirt, dust, impact. They are characterized by long range, which is why they are so often chosen by companies whose work depends on the quality of connection and good range. In our online shop you will find the most recommended, tested and proven Mimosa devices. Get acquainted with the products available in our online store.

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