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What is an alarm system?

Alarm systems are tools that will effectively increase the security of our property and people staying in a building that is on the protected property. Modern alarm systems allow to increase the protection of houses, flats, summer houses, offices and industrial facilities. Installed at the entrances to buildings and garage doors, they successfully secure vehicles parked there, provided that we decide to use professional sets of alarm systems. Such ready sets are in the offer of our store.

Home alarms

Various sets of alarm systems are available on the market, and there is no one that would work in all conditions. In smaller buildings, e.g. flats or summer houses, you only need to install a few sensors. On the other hand, securing larger ones, e.g. houses, factories, office buildings, requires the use of more advanced alarm systems. There are two types of systems - wired systems and wireless systems. The first ones are most often used in buildings just under construction or in renovated buildings - due to the need to distribute the wires and placing them under plaster, in this way transmission via the twisted pair will be a great solution. In contrast, wireless systems, of course, faster and more convenient to install, use a wireless network - all you need is to arrange access points within our facility. Thanks to various security systems, home alarms have a protective function and deter potential robbers. Just seeing such security can deter potential burglars.

What do the alarm sets contain?

  • Alarm control panels - they are the "brains" of the entire alarm system. All data collected from devices such as magnetic sensors, proximity readers, carbon monoxide sensors, and external sensors are sent to the control panel.
  • Keypads - devices that allow you to control and configure the entire alarm system (smart home).
  • Monitoring systems equipped with motion sensors - IP cameras, are a very important element of the alarm system, thanks to them we have a "live image" of what the camera sees - for example, when the motion sensor detects the presence of an unwanted guest.
  • Smoke and heat detectors are part of the alarm system, which in the event of a fire will send a message to the control panel and inform the household about the potential danger. However, the control panel will send a message to the appropriate services.
  • Carbon monoxide sensors - ensure continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide concentration in rooms.

When installing larger sets, racks and radio controllers are useful, which will provide us with convenient access control. You will find a wide selection of alarm, wireless and wired systems in our store

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